Tuesday, October 26, 2004

John Evans - Collage

evans, originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.

In the same envelope with this collage was a letter about the meeting at Franklin Furnace and the upset regarding some mail art not exhibited in the recent show (all mail art shows are non-juried and open) and kerfuffle with administrator Dr. Ronny Cohen. John says "Last Friday, & the one before, there were panel discussions on MA @ a thing called Artists Talk On Art. Ronny was the moderator on the 2nd panel but she was deposed before she had a chance to take over. When she tried to defend her position she was shouted down by Ed Higgins who was pretty drunk and she left in a huff. I think she means well but doesn't understand what mail art is about. Oh well, a little chaos can be a good thing now and then."

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