Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Sorting Office - Northwich

WE met Treena at the sorting office this morning to put up some mail art in the empty cabinets. Treena was already there with all her polish and dusters and cleaning the glass. It was surprising how much mail needs to fill up six quite small cabinets successfully. We barely had enough and I presumed we'd have loads left over to take home again. I took a selection of the "Handy Postcard Exchange" work and stuck them up in four cabinets. Thankfully Hazel helped or else it would have taken hours! A steady stream of people came in which was encouraging and one hopes that some will take the time to look at the postcards and envelopes etc. whilst waiting for their parcels or whatever. Not sure how long they will be up for. Treena is curator and so I leave that side of it to her. Maybe put up some more mail from the archive in the future if all goes well. Playing it very much by ear at the moment.

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