Monday, September 29, 2008

Dave Zack - Postcard

A postcard from Dave Zack from Mexico where he lived at the time. Sent in 1984. On the reverse Zack writes- " Michael- This is too vital to my Correspondence History to plan out or prefabricate, let alone prevaricate in any way. I have refused to give the Tapia family the cash Christmas gift they demand. They lowered and I still refused. Three times I went to my parents with the Tapias. These lovable and living ancestors of mine smiled lovably and pointed at me. Cesario refused to take Genovera's last month's pay, holding out for the Christmas present. I said my festival as a ULC minister is not Christmas, but April 1st. He said he never heard of it. I told him to watch out for it, it'd be better than bullfighting. This isn't bad, sometimes people get killed."

Long overdue exhibition of his work and life at New Gallery in Calgary, Canada. A website devoted to him HERE.

There appears to be a broken link for some reason - try pasting this in your fuse box -

Film on YouTube featuring Zack singing and playing HERE.


Timja said...

I will defenitely take up my mail writing again!

wastedpapiers said...

Dave certainly had a way with words! Look forward to your writings timja!