Saturday, January 14, 2006

Leslie Caldera/A.1. - Envelope

Vintage Nahpro, originally uploaded by obmit 1.

Taken from Tim Burns' Flickr photo stream.



o yes , pages from the past . i just saw leslie and mike mollett at the opening for the jewel box show in san pedro at the loft gallery . great show . lot of entries . lots of talk of the past and plans for the present and the future and beyond .
rock and roll ,
jes archives

michael said...

Thanks for dropping by jes. Its a small world eh? I wish i could have been there, sounds like a great show that leslie has put together.

Mike Mollett said...

Great to see Jesse Edwards again
after many DaDa years down the pike of
time-crazy years.
Leslie Caldera, aka CREATIVE THING,
got me off my ass to do
a Jewel box piece.
I had seen a bolted together 3D piece by
Oboy, JOhn Tostado
I couldn't just do a collage in a box.