Saturday, April 21, 2012

Archer/Quinnell - Postcard

Peter and Magda sent this colour photocopied postcard in 1994.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Eric Finlay/A.1. - Colour Photocopy

Eric made this from a photo of a still he took from the television showing a Tony Hancock film "The Rebel", also an envelope from the A.1.Waste paper Co. Ltd. 1990.

Keith Bates - Postcard

Collaged card made by Keith and his daughter Anna in 1994. Sent from Manchester.

Hazel Jones/A.1. - Envelope

A back and forth envelope from Hazel and me when we were courting back in the 80's.

John Evans - Photocopy/rubber stamp

From John in NYC in 1985.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Klaus Rupp - Artistamps

Sheet of artistamps sent by Klaus in 1994 from Germany.

Les Matons - Postcard

Card in the shape of a 45 record in its sleeve (record can be pulled out ) from France. 1995,

Michael Lumb - Postcard

Michael sent this in 1994 from Ipswich. Collaged one side and the reverse reads "Can't believe I actually sold work from my "Dark PiecesFor The Wall" ! It's given me a new boost but the PhD is in the way! Could you please let me have the address if Lightworks! All the best - gosh it's wet and miserable! Michael"

Steve random - Postcard

Steve sent this in 1983 when I lived in Limehouse in East London. On the reverse is a view of a seascape with shaking hands floating above the waves - a bridge of flowers and the words "Hands Across The Sea",

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bric - A - Brac - assembling 'zine

Issue No. 13 of an assembling 'zine I compiled for 20 issues and passed the editorship onto others including Joe Decie and Patricia Collins.1990's. Participants in this issue were - G.D. & Theo. Breuer,Pierre Bailly,Stephen Perkins,Fabio Sassi,David Dellafiore,Patricia Collins and Lancilotto Bellini.

John Held Jnr./A.1. - postcard

A postcard request for a mail art show organised by John Held Jnr. in 1995 requesting Artist's Postage Stamps for a show in Dallas Texas. Four collaged stamps of mine were used for the front.

Robin Crozier/TAM

A Memo(random) page from Robin Crozier's long running project to TAM (Ruud Janssen) bcak in 1997.

Monday, April 09, 2012


This was a monthly periodical that is mainly about rubber stamps in the USA but also features articles about mail art and other alternative art forms. I short piece and picture about George Steed (H.Q. Slugnet) a correspondent at the time who visited us in London whilst he was on vacation in the 90's sometime.

Rudi Rubberoid - Postcard

Rudi sent this a few years back when we still lived in London. An advert for a new book called "The Book Of Zines". Rudi has drawn and coloured in outlines of his hands on the address side.

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Critical Mass - Poster/Documentation

Documentation in form of poster with address list on the reverse. Exhibition organised by Leslie Caldera, Skooter and L.A. Dada for Elaine Parks. Shown in Los Angeles CA in 2010. Look for Playland. Critical Mass on YouTube.

Monday, April 02, 2012

Eric Finlay - Photo/card

Eric sent this home-made card from his West London garden. 1988.

Flea Art - Stickers/Postcard

Flea Art sent this book of rubber stamped stickers and written card back in 1994. Flea lived in London.

Dave Zack - Photo copy/writing

A page from one of Dave's Correspondence Novels from the mid 80's. Copies sent to Snowwhite Jung, Michael Leigh, Hazel Jones and E. Rische.

Robin Crozier/Pascal Lenoir - Memo (ry)

Pascal sent this page back to Robin Crozier's memory project in 1988 from Andeville in France.

Robin Crozier/Belin Czechowicz - Memo (ry)

Belin sent this Memeory sheet back to Robin Crozier's project in 1990 from Warsaw in Poland.

Robin Crozier/John Evans - Memo (ry)

Memory sheet project that Robin Crozier sent out over many years. This one to John Evans the New York collagist and mail artist in 1983.