Friday, January 18, 2013

Flip Books at Printroom

Festschrift for an Archive by Jason Simon (US) & The Flip Collection III An international collection of flipbooks by artists. Featuring: Spin by Martha Colburn (US/NL) This presentation is part of the programme of the 42nd International Film Festival Rotterdam Opening reception: 25 January 2013, 7 – 10 pm Schietbaanstraat 17, Rotterdam The exhibition runs until 16 February Festschrift for an Archive is a set of books commemorating the demise of the much-loved Film Stills Archive department that the Museum of Modern Art ran for decades. In his publication project Jason Simon has reproduced the judgements of the National Labor Relations Board regarding MoMA’s decision to ship the museum’s massive Film Still Archive off to cold storage as a response to a strike led in part by the archive’s associate curator. Simon has individualized each book with a film still representing some aspect of labor struggle. Ranging over film history these include stills from “Car Wash”, “The Crowd”, “I’m All Right Jack”, “Modern Times”, “Nine to Five”, “The Organizer”, “Salt of the Earth”, and “Strike”. Rarely has the connection between labour and cinema quite been so material as in the story of the FSA The Flip Collection III The Flip Collection is an international, growing collection of flipbooks, part of PrintRoom’s travelling collection of publications by artists, designers, photographers and theoreticians. A flipbook (also called thumb cinema) is a booklet that, for a short moment, becomes a film. Spin by Martha Colburn PrintRoom invited Martha Colburn (US/NL) to transform a selection of her film material into a flipbook. See for yourself, in just a few seconds, what a seductive lady and a spider have in common. Contributions by: Ghenadie Popescu (MD), Maike Hemmers (DE/NL), Gözde Türkkan | Mimiko (TR), Georg Traber CH), Elena Gilbert (US/DE), Max Senden (NL), Rachel Sender (ES/NL), Antje Van Wichelen (BE), Lawrence-Olivier Mahadoo (US/FR), Han Hoogerbrugge (NL), Sarah Vanagt (BE) & Katrien Vermeire (BE), Masha Krasnova-Shabaeva (NL/RU), Esther Urlus (NL), Bas Fontein (NL), Gloria Glitzer (DE), Quinten Swagerman (NL), Scott Blake (US), Ricardo Leal Gomes (PT), Roger Bygott (UK), Alice Rice (US), Jenny Suhonen (FI), Loes Verstappen (NL), Ernesto Morales (MX), Terhi Ekebom (FI), Andre Pielage (NL), Jenni Rope (FI), Mariana Zanetti (BR), Kati Rapia (FI), Samuli Otto-Henrik Saarinen (FI), Anne Roecklein (US), Marieke Verbiesen (NL/SE), Derek Parker (US), Lise Duclaux (BE), Jan Voss (NL), Com Amoras (PT), Maurizio Montalti (IT), Tomas Schats (NL), Michael Leigh (UK), Guilia Garbin (IT/UK) among others.