Thursday, October 05, 2006

Ragged Edge Press/ etc. - Centrefold

Centrefold pages of latest Art Postale by Vittore Baroni with help from Ragged Edge Press ( Joel Cohen ) and others too numerous to mention. Another labour of love from Italy via The World. Or is it from The WORLD via ITALY?

Vittore Baroni - Stickin' Glue ( stickers )

Front and back of packet of assorted stickers by various participants included in latest Art Postale 88 - Stickin' Glue.

Vittore Baroni - Stickin' Glue

The cover with Vittore's son Giovanni Baroni of latest long awaited issue of Arte Postale! N. 88. jam packed full of stickers and stuff. Those of you who participated are in for a treat. 32 pages chocka-block full and extra packets of stickers of collaborators and other sticky people. Dedicated to the late Piermario Ciani who was also known as Stickerman.

M.Greenfield/A.1. - Collaborative Collage

Ongoing collaborative collage sheet from Mark Greenfield in Staffordshire U.K. and me and back again and so forth..