Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Al (Blaster) Ackerman - Envelope

A hand painted and inked envelope from Blaster postmarked 23rd. March 1987.

Eerie Billy Haddock - Postcard

Billy sent this in 2002. Hand drawn and collaged. On the reverse Billy says- "Good to hear from you! My banjo playing is a bit rusty but have been trying to cum up with somethin' musical for either of your two tape projects. I really enjoyed the re-mixed dawg pamphlet and keep it by the terlit for perusing."

Ed Giecek/A1 - Collaborative envelope

Well travelled envelope between Ed and me - 2002. Stickers by BuZ bluRR, Sticker Dude and Ed and A.1.

Eugeniusz Jozefowski - Postcard

From Polish mail artist, Jozefowski sent in the mid 90's ( no legible postmark ).

Clemente Padin - Southern Post (assembling)

This is lucky issue 13 of an assembling 'zine of artistamps from the late 90's or early noughties. This issue contains stamps by Vittore Baroni, Reed Altemus, Pete Spence, Giovani Strada and the usual suspects including yours truly.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Angelica Paez - Postcard/Collage

Postcard collage from Angelica- arrived today.

PLG - Postcard

From PLG in Germany. May 2008. On the reverse is written-

"May Day! Recently met Vincent Trasov AKA "Mr. Peanut", at Bremen NMWB, artist's publications archive. They made a good show of his long ago works in Canada. Late 70's 60's... I took his carbon footprint with the foot wash performance... With these days off I'm cleaning up my workshop, the windows -uuuh, what a mess, but must be done (once a year?) this heavy peice was among some lite paper.... keep on trucking P. PS. first flies-summer= coming shure"