Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Thomas Westermann/Wolfgang Schneider - Traumbilde

Page from Traumbilde " Room Creation" catalogue initiated by Thomas Westermann and Wolfgang Schneider.

Back cover of catalogue. 2006

Thursday, November 02, 2006

M. Greenfield - Colour Photocopy

A4 colour copy in an edition of 30. Also in the decorated envelope are rubber stamps dies, mail art project invites/flyers, several postcards and a letter.

Alexander Charisto - Collage

Postcard size collage made from image by Gasthaus Wild. Rubber stamped on reverse "Mario merz" and enscribed "Best mail art wishes, keep in touch, Alexander"

Keith Bates - Colour Photocopy

Also in the envelope were flyers for his latest mail art project - Cameraderie. Plus tickets and ephemera.

A. Moreno - Artistamp Sheet

A Spanish mail artist but sent from the U.K. Inside the envelope were several B&W photocopies of a pass along project and some self portraits. Stamped on the reverse "Antonio Moreno Garrido- Barcelona " 2006

P.L.G. - Postcard

A self-made postcard from Germany. A glossy photo with a hole/rivet punched through. dated 17-10-06. On the reverese Peter has written-

" Hallo A1 0r as we say- Einz A - Sooner or later I'll send this tiny box ( made 4 U ) to you! The light spots on the cover are the reflections thru/of an ash tree above. (I'm only a hobby photographer) The stuff inside is from the islands shore: Wangerooge , where I was wandering weeks.... Keep on Trucking! Al the best greetings to you all from sunny Freezeland."

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Ragged Edge Press/ etc. - Centrefold

Centrefold pages of latest Art Postale by Vittore Baroni with help from Ragged Edge Press ( Joel Cohen ) and others too numerous to mention. Another labour of love from Italy via The World. Or is it from The WORLD via ITALY?

Vittore Baroni - Stickin' Glue ( stickers )

Front and back of packet of assorted stickers by various participants included in latest Art Postale 88 - Stickin' Glue.

Vittore Baroni - Stickin' Glue

The cover with Vittore's son Giovanni Baroni of latest long awaited issue of Arte Postale! N. 88. jam packed full of stickers and stuff. Those of you who participated are in for a treat. 32 pages chocka-block full and extra packets of stickers of collaborators and other sticky people. Dedicated to the late Piermario Ciani who was also known as Stickerman.

M.Greenfield/A.1. - Collaborative Collage

Ongoing collaborative collage sheet from Mark Greenfield in Staffordshire U.K. and me and back again and so forth..

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Sticker Dude - Envelope

An envelope by Sicker Dude ( Joel Cohen ) in NY. Images by buZ Blurr. Made in 2003 but sent recently to Aunty "A" who passed it on to me.

A.1./Creative Thing - Collaborative Stamp Sheet

Anna Banana sent me some blank perforated stamp sheets a few years back. I sent this one to Creative Thing ( Leslie Caldera ) and he returned it with additional collage and rubber stampings. 2006.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

California meeting - July 2006

Creative Thing A.K.A. Leslie Caldera sent me this nice photo today of a meeting of Californian networkers and John Evans from New York who happened to be in Los Angeles. Taken by Skooter's wife.

Left to right: Richard Meade, Michael Mollett, Johnny Tostado (Oh, Boy), John Evans, Skooter. C.T. in front.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Ed Giecek/ A.1. - Envelope

Envelope containing returned much travelled envelope and stickers etc.

M. Greenfield - Stamp Sheet

Recent xeroxed stampsheet on stickers from M. Greenfield. 2006.

Punwit - Envelope

Envelope containing two collaborative postcards from Punwit for a Scrapiteria blog theme . Plus assorted collage and ephemera. June 2006.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Paul Smith - Stampsheet

A sheet of colour photo copied stamps that Paul sent me last year.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Rubberoid/Wyndham/Zabitsky/A1 - Pass Along

Eberhard Janke - Postcard

Postcard sent last week from Germany. Eberhard writes- "NOTHING seen from you for a long time" Stickers on reverse - "Yes indeed, there is MUSIC in the network..." and "Postmaster should open for inspection".

Friday, April 07, 2006

The Sticker Dude - Envelope

Recent envelope from Joel ( Sticker Dude) at Ragged Edge Press. Contents include Ray Johnson postcards,stickers, printed ephemera and letter.

Vittore Baroni - Envelope

Recent envelope from Vittore containing new collaged stamp designs and sheet of "Petroleum In Your Mail" artistamps.

Greenfield/A.1. - Collaborative Collage

A recent collaborative collage made into a set of colour copies initiated by Mark Greenfield.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Allen/Horobin/Pawson - Collage

Quite hard to decide who sent or made this work which bares the obvious stamp of Mark Pawson's badge designs but Ben Allen made similar badges at the time and his note is enclosed which reads-" Hello - got Bernard Borgolots? catalogue- great stuff. Art Nahpro sent me some TYPE ARKIN ? play money, he only sent 500. Yes certainly do some homemade money. I'm expecting great things from people like Joki, D. Jarvis, H. Mittendorf, Mark P. yourselves. Look out for City Limits article on postal network and Spotters Club...."
On the envleope is Pete Horobins address rubber stamp. Sent on 9th May 1998.

Mario Daniel Gemin - Postcard

Sent from Argentina in 1999. On the reverse is a photo of some graffitti.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Neato Stuff - Stencil

Plastic stencil and added stickers. 1987. Darla & Eric Farnsworth. Neato Stuff was the rubber stamp company that Darla ran at the time. They visited us in Lambeth Walk at around this time. Nice couple. Sadly they split up soon after. Darla sings country and western in duo now and Eric lives with his new partner in Kansas.

P.L.G. - Postcard

A typical "grey" card from Peter L. Grosse in Germany from 1999. A self portrait holding a postcard of mine in front of his face. On the reverse Peter has written in pencil- " Hi, No. 2 of these grey cards go into The Grey Cards Museum at PWK's in Switzerland. He shows them all in his office - Must be enlarged soon.....Enjoy Spring."

Anna Banana - Artistamps

A sheet of stamps dated 1998. International Art Post - Sheet 1/4. Vol 11 No. 2, ISSN 0845-6312. Printed in Canada by Banana Productions.

Alan Turner - Postcard

A postcard from Alan Turner dated 6th July 1999. On the reverse he has written in ink- "Dear Michael, Many thanks for your last. 3. I loved the doggy stuff: more playful than my ernest looking stuff!! Absolutely snowed under with mail art at the moment and very busy with money work. Not so much fun. Also very upset about the bombing! here with my war memoirs. Well! Philip Joradn and his "green machine". I have one word for him - Pony- More later."

The card is entitled " Euro Disney or American Rodent".

Marilyn Dammann

From the late Marilyn Dammann in 1999. On the reverse she has written - " I had to get creative with my trash in May - a severe drought, and burn ban. I cleaned up my storgae shed and found an enormous pile of boxes at the back which has been accumulating for years. I smashed them, flattened them, stuffed them into a very large box, put it in the orchard to slowly disintegrate. In the meantime - it's art ( because i say so). This photo taken in May before the green stuff grew up all around it - mounted on a piece of genuine trash."

Monday, March 13, 2006

Patricia Collins - Bric-A-Brac Assembling

Assembling 'zine Vol. 3 No. 6 " Museum Of Penny Candy". Contributors include yours truly, J Ricart, Antonio Gomez, Anne-Miek Bibbe, Jorg Seifert and Christain Alle. 1999.

Linda Pelati - Collage

A collage by Linda Pelati from Milan in Italy. Sent 1999. On the back she has written her address and "Dog". Also her e-mail which was then clochart@yahoo.com

Merlin/Nakamura - Postcard

A collaborative postcard I initiated between Merlin and Keiichi Nakamura in Japan. Part of the RECYCLING THE CENTURY project that was exhibited at the Oreil Myddrin Gallery in Wales. 1999.

Boog/Figueiredo - Documentation

A one page photo-copied sheet for the FIGURE ODE - 1 project. May 1999. On the reverse are all the names and addresses of the 32 people who took part. Worm image by Cesar Figueiredo. Proejct by Boog in Kansas.

Anne Nomrowski & Dietmar Vollmer - Postcard

Easter card sent 1999. Collaged and rubberstamped. On the reverse is the address and more collage and rubber stamps of bunnies and the words "Frohe Ostern- Happy Easter - Vrolijk Pasen".

Ex Posto Facto - Hand Book

Folded eight page booklet on the theme of hands. Rubberstamped and collaged. Julie has written on one page "Andy Hanson helped aquire the hand images!" On another page she has written "What would we do without them?" Sent in 1999 judging by the blurry postmark. Maybe for my HAND MADE postcard project?

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Baudhuin Simon RIP

Sad news about death ( suicide?) of the "pig man" from Belgium. His porky scratchings will be missed by one and all who had the pleasure to see his porcine obsessed work. I will try and find one of his envelopes or stamp sheets in the next few days.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

PostcARTs - Vittore Baroni

New publication printed in Italian and English by Vittore Baroni.

"Starting from the work of pioneers of the historical avant-gardes, POSTCARTS reconstructs in over 200 pages the vicissitudes of artists' postcards, ranging from the conceptual mailings of Fluxus multicoloured oddities of the planetary circuit of mail art, from unusual "unique pieces" to the most stimulating alternative and New Pop editions, up to the phenomenon of promotional free-cards and to the virtual e-cards of the internet. Richly illustrated, the book includes original texts and materials selected by artists, experts and publishers of postcards; Anna Banana, Julien Blaine, Guy Bleus, Mario Giavino, John Held Jnr., Janosz Kubas, Jurgen O. Olbrich, Enrico Sist, Enrico Sturani."

PostcARTs can be requested directly from the author at the cover price of 15 euros or $20 outside Europe, air mail postage included. Send well hidden cash or International Postal Money Order ( no cheque or add $5 bank costs) to-

Vittore Baroni, via C. Battisti 339, 55049 Viareggio, Italy.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Leslie Caldera/A.1. - Envelope

Vintage Nahpro, originally uploaded by obmit 1.

Taken from Tim Burns' Flickr photo stream.