Sunday, October 30, 2005

Ryosuke Cohen - Postcard 1980's

ryosukecohen, originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.

Ben Vautier - Matchbook

benvautier, originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.

Snowwhite Jung - Envelope

snopes, originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

M. Greenfield - Booklet

anmgreenfieldbooklet, originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.

16 page photocopied booklet in an edition of 20. Rubberstamped and hand coloured and stickered. 1993.

A. 1. /Tensetendoned/? - Envelope

arecycledenvelope, originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.

Recycled envelope by many hands. 1990's

Saturday, October 15, 2005

A.1./Greenfield/Bellini - Collaborative Collage

Lancillotto Bellini - Recycled Booklet

A small booklet to pass along from Bellini. 16 pages. Rubber stamped cover. 2005.

Lancillotto Bellini - Pass Along Sheet

An envelope from Lancillotto today (15th October 2005) which contains this , a collaborative collage and a small booklet to recycle.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Creative Thing - Stamp Sheet

A4 colour photcopy. Stampsheet to celebrate the life of Carlo Pittore by Creative Thing (Leslie Caldera). Photographs by Steve Random. 2005.

Jim Leftwich - Booklet

Small 16 page booklet made from recycled photcopies sheets that have been overprinted. Additional rubberstamps and highlighter pen. 2005.

Red Fox Press - Documentation

A "Stencil Art" project by Fan Mail in Ireland. 82 artists from 26 countries participated to this project by either sending original stencils or by sending photographs of stencils in the street. 18 full colour pages. Photocopy. 2005.