Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Thomas Westermann/Wolfgang Schneider - Traumbilde

Page from Traumbilde " Room Creation" catalogue initiated by Thomas Westermann and Wolfgang Schneider.

Back cover of catalogue. 2006

Thursday, November 02, 2006

M. Greenfield - Colour Photocopy

A4 colour copy in an edition of 30. Also in the decorated envelope are rubber stamps dies, mail art project invites/flyers, several postcards and a letter.

Alexander Charisto - Collage

Postcard size collage made from image by Gasthaus Wild. Rubber stamped on reverse "Mario merz" and enscribed "Best mail art wishes, keep in touch, Alexander"

Keith Bates - Colour Photocopy

Also in the envelope were flyers for his latest mail art project - Cameraderie. Plus tickets and ephemera.

A. Moreno - Artistamp Sheet

A Spanish mail artist but sent from the U.K. Inside the envelope were several B&W photocopies of a pass along project and some self portraits. Stamped on the reverse "Antonio Moreno Garrido- Barcelona " 2006

P.L.G. - Postcard

A self-made postcard from Germany. A glossy photo with a hole/rivet punched through. dated 17-10-06. On the reverese Peter has written-

" Hallo A1 0r as we say- Einz A - Sooner or later I'll send this tiny box ( made 4 U ) to you! The light spots on the cover are the reflections thru/of an ash tree above. (I'm only a hobby photographer) The stuff inside is from the islands shore: Wangerooge , where I was wandering weeks.... Keep on Trucking! Al the best greetings to you all from sunny Freezeland."