Friday, April 25, 2008

Tim Drage - Postcard/Object

Tim Drage single 45 rpm disc sent with address on vinyl and stamp on the label. Slightly chipped. 2000.

Eric Finlay - Postcard

Eric Finlay's postcard using a photo he took of his computer monitor - a video called "Streets Of Monterrey". 1984.

Rudi Rubberoid - Envelope

Envelope by Billy Joe Ziploc, just one of the many alias's for Rudi Rubberoid- Your Postcard Pal- Gonzo etc.1999.

John Evans - Postcard

John Evans collaged postcard for the opening of his show at the J.N.Herlin gallery in New York 1985.

A.1./Boog/Gemin/Thing - Collaborative Postcards

A collaborative postcard project I initiated in 1998/99 using a postcard of our son Archie on the beach at Boscombe in Devon. These three are by Boog (USA) , Mario Gemin (Argentina) and Creative Thing(USA).

Anna Banana - Artistamps

Anna Banana sheet of artistamps from 1998 to commemorate her visit to Italy that year.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Crozier/Scott/Radio/Jesch etc. - Collab. Collage

A pass along collage by Robin Crozier,Michael Scott , Roger Radio, Birger Jesch and others. 1983.

Crozier/De Bechi/Nahpro etc. - Collab. Stamp Sheet

Collaged stamp sheet sent round to Robin Crozier, Lizzie De Bechi, Art Nahpro and me. 1980's.

A.1./Jargon - Postcard

Collaborative postcard sent back and forth between A.1. and Jilly Jargon. 2001.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Crackerjack Kid - Paper Pulp Underpants

Papier mache underpants from Crackerjack Kid (Chuck Welch ) sent to me in 1989. Chuck wrote on the reverse- " Got a call from Whole Earth Review editor yesterday that they'll will be printing Mail Art Glasnost in their Winter issue. One of the Russian postal bureaucracies strangest regulations require that Americans refrain from posting underwear! I thought you and I and Hazel might have fun testing the customs law - shall we play with this theme?... "Glasnost Briefs"? Please do wear it and mail snaps to Soviet Life magazine."

Thursday, April 17, 2008

John Evans - Collage

Birthday collage from John Evans 1996.

Georg Lipinsky

Another MEMO/RY from Robin Crozier that Georg filled in in 1987.

A.1./Unknown - Collaborative Circular

Both sides of collaborative card - many of which sent out during the early 90's. Don't recognise the stamps here. Seems like just one participant but maybe more. Card originally fromm the post office for collecting license stamps.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Patricia Collins - Collage

Patricia made this handy rack for some stickers and artistamps etc. 1996.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Graciela Marx - MEMO/RY

One of Robin Crozier's MEMO/RY sheets exchanged by Graciela Marx in Argentina. I wonder who got mine? 1983.

Creative Thing - Stamp Sheet

Kurt Schwitters commemorative stamp sheet. 104 years since his birth in 1887 . Printed in 1991 in Los Angeles by Creative Thing (Leslie Caldera).

Alan Turner - Postcard

Alan Turner postcard sent in 1999. Hand carved rubber stamps.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Dave Zack - Postcard

A postcard from Dave Zack from Mexico where he lived at the time. Sent in 1984. On the reverse Zack writes- " Michael- This is too vital to my Correspondence History to plan out or prefabricate, let alone prevaricate in any way. I have refused to give the Tapia family the cash Christmas gift they demand. They lowered and I still refused. Three times I went to my parents with the Tapias. These lovable and living ancestors of mine smiled lovably and pointed at me. Cesario refused to take Genovera's last month's pay, holding out for the Christmas present. I said my festival as a ULC minister is not Christmas, but April 1st. He said he never heard of it. I told him to watch out for it, it'd be better than bullfighting. This isn't bad, sometimes people get killed."

Peter Kusterman etc. - Collaborative Stamp Sheet

Peter Kusterman (Netmail ) handed out these sheets at the Tate gallery coffee shop in 1986 when he met several UK mail artists at a Congress there. Present were Keith Bates, Hazel Jones, Ben Allen, Don Jarvis, myself and a few others. We all added our own ribber stamp signature and passed them around. I got mine in the post a few days later after some additional printing.

Snowwhite Jung - Envelope

Sent from Nottingham in 1988. Inside a few pages from a colour supplement article about an early practitioner of "mail art" , the dashing Captain Hugh Rose back in 1898. to his beloved Constance King-Harman. Also a letter and flyer for Asian music festival.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Lon Speigelman - Magazine

Lon Speigelman's 'zine he self published througout the 80's. I can't remember how many issues it ran to but at least a dozen on an irregular basis. It contains news and notes about the currant state of the network at the time - in particular the California area where he lived (Los Angeles).

Leslie Caldera ( Creative Thing ) read this and told me this short anecdote about Lon -

"You know, he kept that car for over 30 years. He bought it new in 1968 and rebuilt or replaced the motor several times. When I visited him in May of 02, we took a spin in it to his favorite bakery for lunch.
He put a lot of money and effort into the mechanical upkeep, but the body was faded and beat up. When I asked him why he didn't repaint it, he whispered "that's my ant-theft device". And that, in a nutshell, was Lon!"

P.L.Grosse - Postcard

One of many grey card postcards from Peter L. Grosse in Germany sent over the years. This one from 1996 features a passport size photo of the artist with a postcard I sent him called "Mr. Art".

Seiko Sato - MEMO/RY

Another sheet from the Robin Crozier MEMO/RY project. 1996.

A.1.Waste Paper Co. Ltd. - Envelope

An envelope that was sent to H.R. Fricker and returned for some reason- maybe because of the unfranked stamps? This must have been late 80's as the Michael Scott memorial rubber stamp that I carved must have been after his death in 1988. I also carved the shaking hands stamp from an eraser.

Tom Pack - Postcard

Collaged postcard by Tom Pack. 1992.

Robin Crozier/Vittore Baroni - Photocopy/collage

A page from Robin Crozier's long running MEMO/RY project.

Lancillotto Bellini - Photocopied booklet

Documentation for a project from 1992. 14 pages -A5.

Monday, April 07, 2008

J.VdBroucke - Photocopy

From Jose VdBroucke in Belgium. Sent 1990. Commemorating a visit to Robin Crozier in Sunderland.

Jeff Carlock - Envelope

Reverse of envelope, collaged with stickers and sugar bags etc. Sent in 1992 from Berkeley CA. U.S.A.

David Cole/Eric Finlay - Collaborative Postcard

Sent 1986 and signed by Eric Finlay.

Blurr, Fish, Hill, and Olbrich - Collab. Stampsheet.

I have been delving into the archive again. Here's one of the earliest stamp sheets I have from 1985 - still intact. Colour photocopy and perforated. made by Buzz Blurr, Pat Fish, Cragg Hill and Jurgen Olbrich.

Crackerjack Kid - Artistamp 1984

A design by Crackerjack Kid ( Chuck Welch ) of a proposed artistamp in ink and watercolour. On the back is a letter in tiny writing- " The photobooth snaps should do fine. Will place you in the Ubiquitous Dominion Issue with some other friends.
Letters from Michael Row abruptly stopped Sept. 3, the day he was in Motreal and the train station bomb went off killing three people and wounding many others. He's probably alright - just wish I knew for sure. Mail service from Canada is shitty.
Jean Brown is THE place to send your work. As soon as I get settled in I must drive out to visit with her. Really I'm not in contact that much with anybody right now. D. McLimans- vaguley remember some work from him.
David Greenburger of Duplex Planet fame used to live here. Never met him but subscribed to his mags. I must send off something to Hazel."

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Lancillotto Bellini - Envelope/flyers

Lancillotto sent me a hand carved rubber stamp ( not shown ) of William Burroughs. I have to find a wooden block to mount it on. In the envleope were a short note on colour photo copy, a Fluxus Buck and an invite to a mail art project.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Keith Bates - Colour Photocopy

Today from the Eclectic Hermit. Apparently I am a "Purveyor Of Postal Art - By Appointment To Her Majesty The Queen" and Keith has sent me a badge to prove it! Also in the envelope a sheet entitled "The Chair Of English Mail Artists".