Monday, November 14, 2005

Michael Scott - Letter 1987

Ray Johnson - Photocopy of Letter to Michael Scott

Michael Scott - Postcard

A postcard sent from California in 1982 when Michael Scoot and his wife visited Pat Fish. Pat added some rubberstamps and postscript.

Michael Scott - Artport

A 12 page A4 "passport to aesthetic freedom" for some project in Hull in 1973 that Michael scott was involved in. This was sent for Hazel's rubber stamp project back in the 80's when she was at the RCA I believe. It has a couple of stamped pages- indeed there are sections devoted to it. It also contains spurios rules and regulations and maps, diagrams and drawings.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Ryosuke Cohen - Postcard 1980's

ryosukecohen, originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.

Ben Vautier - Matchbook

benvautier, originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.

Snowwhite Jung - Envelope

snopes, originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

M. Greenfield - Booklet

anmgreenfieldbooklet, originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.

16 page photocopied booklet in an edition of 20. Rubberstamped and hand coloured and stickered. 1993.

A. 1. /Tensetendoned/? - Envelope

arecycledenvelope, originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.

Recycled envelope by many hands. 1990's

Saturday, October 15, 2005

A.1./Greenfield/Bellini - Collaborative Collage

Lancillotto Bellini - Recycled Booklet

A small booklet to pass along from Bellini. 16 pages. Rubber stamped cover. 2005.

Lancillotto Bellini - Pass Along Sheet

An envelope from Lancillotto today (15th October 2005) which contains this , a collaborative collage and a small booklet to recycle.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Creative Thing - Stamp Sheet

A4 colour photcopy. Stampsheet to celebrate the life of Carlo Pittore by Creative Thing (Leslie Caldera). Photographs by Steve Random. 2005.

Jim Leftwich - Booklet

Small 16 page booklet made from recycled photcopies sheets that have been overprinted. Additional rubberstamps and highlighter pen. 2005.

Red Fox Press - Documentation

A "Stencil Art" project by Fan Mail in Ireland. 82 artists from 26 countries participated to this project by either sending original stencils or by sending photographs of stencils in the street. 18 full colour pages. Photocopy. 2005.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

John Evans - Stamp sheet

Stamps to advertise his show at a gallery in New York a couple of years ago. Stamps made by Anna Banana productions.

Ex Posto Facto - Envelope and Fluxus Buck

Recent envelope from Ex Posto Facto in Texas. Stamp sheet she perforated by The Sticker Dude. A Fluxus Buck to add to and pass along.Envelope also contains Fluxus Buck address list and update. Also a letter and stickers.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Slugnet meets A.1. Waste Papers.

Rudi Rubberoid kindly supplied this old cutting from the magazine "Rubberstampmadness"- a 1994 issue. It shows George Steed and me meeting up when George , better known as H.Q. Slugnet to his mail art pals, came to visit London and popped in for a chat and photo oppertunity. Anybody know what happened to George?

Monday, August 15, 2005

Carlo Pittore R.I.P.

carlopittore, originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.

Just found this one in the archive. I may have posted it before but here it is again in memory of a great mail artist.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Carlo Pittore 1943 - 2005

Sad news just recieved of the passing of Carlo Pittore- a king pin of the mail art scene back in the 80's. Mark Bloch kindly sent this photo of himself and some friends outside the window of the Galleria Dell Ochio in New York that Carlo ran back then. It was the final show before Carlo moved to his beloved Maine to paint. He will be greatly missed by all who had the pleasure to know him and to get his mail.

A catalogue Carlo put together for the ME festival in the 80's.

PLG - Collage

Not sure how much of a collaboration this is but Peter L. Grosse in Germany has made a collage from mail he was sent by Peter W. Kaufmann and Pips Dada.. 2003.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

M. greenfield & A.1. - collage

abeatlesparrot, originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.

Collaborative collage from several postcards i sent to Mark and he combined them all and returend for additions and I added the parrot. I'm sending it back to him to add more.

M.Greenfield & A.1. - Postcard

laurel&hardy, originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.

A collaborative card in a series from a L & H postcard book someone gave me.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

John evans96

John evans96, originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.

John Evans collage for my birthday June 20th 1996.

Jose oliviera - Collage

ajoseoliveira, originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.

Postcard from Oliveira in Spain .1980's

Monday, June 13, 2005

Michael Leigh - Envelope

anearlyenvelope70, originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.

Another envelope from 1971 with added collage.

Michael Leigh - Envelope

anearlymailart70, originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.

Another envelope to a friend during my final year at the art college in Manchester 1970.

Michael Leigh - Envelope

aearlyenv.1969, originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.

An early example of envelope art sent as a student in Manchester in 1969.

Arte Postale! 56 - Vittore Baroni

aartepostale, originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.

Brainchild of Vittore and still going after all these years in various guises - the long running Arte Postale! This issue dedicated to Mail Art and Money (Do they mix?) On the back cover is an image of Batman and the words "A magazine for surf freaks and kourbash smokers who really dig to Break Art Taboos.

Art Nahpro - Postcard

aartnahpro, originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.

Postcard originally sent to Deborash and geoffry? in Farnham and then to me by Paul Jackson (Art Nahpro) in 1987. Postcard is dated 1978.

A Collaborative card. 1987

acollabcard, originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.

Initiated by me and stamped by Peter Bergner in Germany. No other intervention detected.

Eric Finlay - Photograph

aericfinaly, originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.

A photo of Eric's computer screen entitled "Streets of Monterrey" 1984.

Georg Lipinsky - Memory

ageorglipinsky, originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.

Memory from Georg from 1987 for Robin Crozier's project.

Henning Mittendorf - Envelope

ahenning, originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.

Envelope rubberstamped bu Henning in 1988 and sent from Germany.

John Evans - Postcard

ajohnevans, originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.

A John Evans postcard collaged in 1985 for his exhibition at the J.N.Herlin gallery in New York.

Vittore Baroni - Memory

avittorebaroni, originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.

One of Robin Crozier's memory sheets filled in by Vittore back in 1984. Clemente Padin has added a collage on the back too.

Friday, June 10, 2005

David Dellafiora/A.1. - Collab. Postcard

daviddellafiora, originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.

Made when David was still living in England back in the mid 90's. He now lives in Australia.

Lancillotto Bellini - Postcard

alancillottobellini, originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.

Hand carved rubber stamp in memory of Ray Johnson the great mail art pioneer by Lancillotto who lives in Italy.

Lothar Trott - Postcard

alothartrott, originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.

Collaged postcard with additional artistamps by Lothar Trott in Switzerland. 1990's.

PLG - Postcard

aplg, originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.

A typical grey card postcard with eyelet from Peter L. Grosse in Germany.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Rudi Rubberoid - Postcard

arudirubberoid card, originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.

A postcard from Rudi rubberoid. 1990. He's used some rubber stamp dies I sent him.

Klaus Rupp - Postcard

aklausrupp, originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.

Another postcard from Klaus Rupp dated 2000. with collage and rubberstampings.

Klaus Rupp - Postcard

aklausrupppostcard, originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.

A photo-copied and rubber stamped postcard from Klaus Rupp in Hamburg. 2000.

Tim Drage - Postcard

atimdrage, originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.

Collaged postcard from Tim Drage from a couple of years ago.