Sunday, July 22, 2007

Vittore Baroni/A.1. - Hat

I sent Vittore a foot shaped postcard recently and he asked for some more to add to a hat he was making for George Maniunas. A parade of hats was organised by VB to celebrate Fluxus and George as part of a day of performance etc. in Italy, but I forget just where. I will try and find out. Vittore sent me this nice documentation of the hat. Further documentation is promised. Carlos Botana made the postcard in the foreground. I can't quite see the others.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah Vittore ALWAYS was a GENIUS! Ever since I met him at UCDavis, around 1976, he was a creative,well-educated,well-seasoned with lots of oregano!, and a GREAT friend! NOW he is a family man, a proud father & husband! Bravo!