Thursday, September 27, 2007

Anna Banana - IAP Stampsheet

Also included in envelope with various stamp sheets were the latest BANANA RAG and note. Deadline for next IAP ( International Art Post ) is 30th October. Its the 20th anniversary issue.

PLG - Postcard

Sticker Dude - Envelope

Joel Cohen ( The Sticker Dude) enclosed in the envelope various stickers and ephemera including-
A Ray Johnson trading card. Piermario Ciani sticker. Broiler Mash label.Yellowstone Park luggage label.St. Patrick's Day stickers.Tim Mancusi rubber stamp sticker of Rrose Selavy. Various Ragged Edge Press stickers and cards. Ten Pesos ban note from Japan. etc.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Peter Netmail - Postcard

The reverse is the stamp again on a blue ground.

Dirk Frohlich - Assembling

In the post today - a large package from Germany from Dirk Frohlich in Dresden who used to make exquisite hand bound assembled books back in the 90's. This one appears to be a selection of loose pages from that BUCHLABOR series- either ones that were not used or just late arriving? No info. with the package just a card that says "DANKE" in rubber stampings. Other participants include Giovanni Strada, Georg Lipinsky, Vittore Baroni, Diane Bertrand and Patricia Collins. All pages from 1996 to 2006.

Below is a page by Henning Mittendorf.