Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Michael Scott - Letter

scottletter, originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.

Reply to our exhibition invite 1985. Added collage elements and "fluff" in response to our "ABC of Fluffs" at Stafford Art Gallery.


hazel said...

How very sad to know I will never get another one of these wonderful letters from Michael Scott..
every page was a gem ,and he sent many.
I can remember sitting in a craft history lecture reading his letter instead of listening to the lecturer and thinking how much i prefered his letters to making notes on William Morris.
A Very inspiring man.

michael said...

Yes, it was incredibly sad to hear about Michael Scott's death and even more so that he commited suicide. His letters never gave any hint that he was depressed or unhappy - they were quite the opposite. We felt we had lost a real friend although we had never actually met.