Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Neato Stuff - Stencil

Plastic stencil and added stickers. 1987. Darla & Eric Farnsworth. Neato Stuff was the rubber stamp company that Darla ran at the time. They visited us in Lambeth Walk at around this time. Nice couple. Sadly they split up soon after. Darla sings country and western in duo now and Eric lives with his new partner in Kansas.


gasu said...
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michael said...

Nice to get an e-mail from Eric who was shown this post by his friend Boog ( thanks Boog!). Seems Eric doesnt get much time for mail art naymore but growing wheat and threshing it with home made threshing machines etc. Ah, the life of the farmer. He even has time to make strange contraptions like the surfboard bike!