Wednesday, January 17, 2007

PLG - Postcard

Postcard dated 15/1/07 sent from PLG in Germany. On the reverse he says - "Have a look at: I hope you love it. - Something good to see. As your blog......."


murmurists said...

Hello Michael
Erstwhile Classwar Karaoke / Dov here. Good to see this blog. Brings back memories. I've been showering you with mp3s, including you in my sending loop. Am assuming you have been receiving? If so, hope entertainment was had. From this comment, you can jump into my blog. No Mail Artworking there, I'm afraid, but plenty of my modern sickness. Best wishes, Anthony

Wastedpapiers said...

Hi Anthony, thanks for dropping by. Yes ofcourse, thansk for the interesting MP3's- not really my cup of tea but good to hear none-the-less.
I rarely look at the comments on this blog as they are few and far between!

I shall have to come and look more often.