Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Keith Bates - Stampsheet/Postcard

In a nice envelope yesterday from Keith Bates who says he's hoping for early retirement from teaching this July. Also enclosed some tickets and original ephemera, postcard (below) , pass-along sheet from Eric Langolff and call for mail art show in Finland on the theme of "What Time Is It?"

Also enclosed is a nice "Mailart Heritage" blue plaque print for me and a "Teacher's Tale" which explains his current situation regarding his employment and his hopes for the future. Keith says- " Mail Art is also having to adapt and change, and it is no longer essential for Mail Art to be a wholly snailmail experiance. Indeed, it is paradoxical that many Mail Art projects culminate with website or blog documentation, yet contributions are still only accepted via traditional mail. It is time for the email attachment, emailart, to be welcomed as warmly."

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