Friday, July 06, 2012

Kobb Laboratories

More goodies from Kobb in Pensacola FL. inc. two DVD's of trashy horror movies "Teenage Zombies" and "First Man In Space".


Nichole said...

I recently stumbled across your blog and really love all of the mail you post. It's all very creative. I am wondering if I have your permission to post a link to your site with a few photos of some of your artwork on my own website, giving you full credit for the work. I think it's a great example of creative mail art and would like to use it as an example. I recently started a mail art project of my own and am trying to encourage others to participate. Unlike traditional mail art programs that request all mail is sent to the same location, this project is one where each individual writes to the address that they grew up in, and share a fond memory of the home. So far, the website is kind of bare, but you're welcome to check it out here: or participate by writing your own letter to an old address to be featured on the site, if you'd like. Anyway, your artwork is great. I really appreciate what you do.

Wastedpapiers said...

Thanks for the comment Nichole - much appreciated. Most of the mail art on here is by others ofcourse so I have them to thank for over 30 years of stuff in the archive. This blog wouldn't be anything without them. I look forward to contributing to your project - sounds interesting.

Nichole said...

Thanks so much! Cheers.