Monday, April 07, 2008

Crackerjack Kid - Artistamp 1984

A design by Crackerjack Kid ( Chuck Welch ) of a proposed artistamp in ink and watercolour. On the back is a letter in tiny writing- " The photobooth snaps should do fine. Will place you in the Ubiquitous Dominion Issue with some other friends.
Letters from Michael Row abruptly stopped Sept. 3, the day he was in Motreal and the train station bomb went off killing three people and wounding many others. He's probably alright - just wish I knew for sure. Mail service from Canada is shitty.
Jean Brown is THE place to send your work. As soon as I get settled in I must drive out to visit with her. Really I'm not in contact that much with anybody right now. D. McLimans- vaguley remember some work from him.
David Greenburger of Duplex Planet fame used to live here. Never met him but subscribed to his mags. I must send off something to Hazel."

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