Friday, April 18, 2008

Crackerjack Kid - Paper Pulp Underpants

Papier mache underpants from Crackerjack Kid (Chuck Welch ) sent to me in 1989. Chuck wrote on the reverse- " Got a call from Whole Earth Review editor yesterday that they'll will be printing Mail Art Glasnost in their Winter issue. One of the Russian postal bureaucracies strangest regulations require that Americans refrain from posting underwear! I thought you and I and Hazel might have fun testing the customs law - shall we play with this theme?... "Glasnost Briefs"? Please do wear it and mail snaps to Soviet Life magazine."


Anna said...

Hey Michael and Hazel,

Well bless my dirty dungarees! I had forgotten
about our brief correspondence back in 89.
Did you know that Ray Johnson sent his webbed
underwear for my Material Metamorphosis (Commonpress #47) edition back in 1980?


Crackerjack Kid
check out some new tunes by doing a search for Jack Kid
Current address: PO Box 151, Hancock, NH 03449

P.S. My daughter Lauryn (now 17) wants to enter
a mail art show. Send current catalogue listings
Thanks in advance!

wastedpapiers said...

Briefs correspondance? Nice to hear from you Jack!
Will try and send some stuff to Lauryn if I get a chance. Thanks for the link.