Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Lon Speigelman - Magazine

Lon Speigelman's 'zine he self published througout the 80's. I can't remember how many issues it ran to but at least a dozen on an irregular basis. It contains news and notes about the currant state of the network at the time - in particular the California area where he lived (Los Angeles).

Leslie Caldera ( Creative Thing ) read this and told me this short anecdote about Lon -

"You know, he kept that car for over 30 years. He bought it new in 1968 and rebuilt or replaced the motor several times. When I visited him in May of 02, we took a spin in it to his favorite bakery for lunch.
He put a lot of money and effort into the mechanical upkeep, but the body was faded and beat up. When I asked him why he didn't repaint it, he whispered "that's my ant-theft device". And that, in a nutshell, was Lon!"

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