Thursday, October 21, 2004

Dave Zack - Postcard

essenseofnut, originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.

Hand drawn(pen & ink) postcard from Dave Zack in Tepoztlan in Mexico. 1983. On the reverse he writes - " An incredible Nut document has come to us, Libel for Libellus, forwarded by Hetty Huisman, the publisher of this elegant volume, Void Distributors, Amsterdam. This collection of correspodence relating to a llittle old dutch lady's odysseyiam jaunt around America in search of Pure Essense of Nut...."


Syl said...

Liked the story behind this
postcard, and it's obvious
Mexican influence...nice!

michael said...

Dave always had some good stories to tell. He was quite character. Such a shame he ended up in prison in mexico for fraud (claiming his parents pension long after they died!) and ended up in a care-home where he died in mysterious circumstances. Very sad.