Thursday, October 14, 2004

Peter Kustermann - Collaborative Stamp Sheet

kusterman, originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.

On the occasion of the 1986 Decentralised Mail Art Congress - Peter Kustermann from Germany came to London's Tate gallery cafe (July 30th.)to meet a few U.K. mail artists and make this collaborative stamp sheet there. Present were - Ben Allen, Mark Pawson, Michael Leigh, Hazel Jones,Don Jarvis, Keith Bates,L. Sczelkin and Anne Schoon.


DrFluxbuxenstein said...

Hey Michael! Nice stamp sheet! We did something like it here in Dallas when Peter and Angela came through delivering mail. Remarkable tour they did.

One blog wasn't enough for you, eh?

mrdantefontana said...

I liked this piece. A lot.

michael said...

Not sure if Angela was with Peter at this time - she's not mentioned on this stampsheet. It was all a bit hectic in that crowded cafe with sheets being passed round and lots of stamping and talking. The first time I'd met some of the folk there. I remember Keith Bates smoking like a chimney - glad to say he's given up now, last I heard anyway.