Thursday, October 28, 2004

Michael Leigh - Envelope 1972

celia, originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.

Not really mail art as such as I knew nothing about the network in 1972 when this envelope was made, but it does not look out of place here and shows how much I was interested in making my mail as attractive as possible. The letter inside was similarly decorated with collage and penned in inks of many colours.


Syl said...

I really like this envelope,
Michael! While it may not be
Fluxus in style I think it
very much shows art using the
postal system. Jon & I often
gets comments from even the
postal clerks when we are
sending out our mail.

michael said...

Hopefully in the weeks to come I can find the box of amazing envelopes that Celia made at that time. A lot of my friends at artschool at the time also sent mail that was quite startling for it's time though they knew nothing of Ray Johnson or Reginald W. Bray.

Syl said...

Hope you find it, Michael...
would love to see!