Sunday, October 24, 2004

Artist's Trading Cards

tradingcards, originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.

This project started by M. Vanci Stirnemann in Switzerland. Each participant asked to sent 20 cards and set sent out to all. Top left clockwise - Holger Minotto, Cesar Figneirede, Arno Arts? and Rodleen & Ed Giecek.1996.


Ed Giecek said...

Michael! Thank'zZ 4 posting so many classic mailart pieces on this blogg! Much better than feeding them to the mice.

I envy your energy and enthusiasm for this medium! (internet)

Keep up the good bloggin' mate. --ed

michael said...

Cheers Ed! Thanks for the positive feedback. This Artists TRADING Card must be the earliest work I have of yours?

Ed Giecek said...

First time I've been accused of bein' early. I'm usually late. --ed