Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Rea Nikonova - "Double" Assembling

nikonova, originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.

A "book" assembled by Russian artist Rea in 1984 from 31 pages by 31 artists, including pages by myself, Vittore Baroni,PLG, Robin Crozier, Jonathan Stangroom, Luc Fierens etc. Described as an "International mail art and visual poetry review."


Jonathan said...

This was always a fun project... with the crazy page shapes that Rea called for. Forced you to cut out every one by hand in a edition of 50. I participated in all 8 issues and have a complete set. Someday I'll have to make sure they find a proper home.

michael said...

Thanks for adding that interesting snippet about how many the series ran into. I only did two as far as i can remember. That's all I've found anyway, in my search through the boxes mouldering in the shed! Hoping to get some more plastic containers on Saturday to hopefully save some more from the ravages of time and rodents!